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        Add:No. 23, Zhiye Road, Hetai Industrial area,Dongfeng

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        For many years, Guang Sheng is focusing at the research and development of hot melt adhesive coating and fusible interlinings in textile industries.
        HKJ and Guang Sheng already have more than 30 years experiences in the market. We have been supported by our H.K.J parent company in Hong Kong, using our full effort to make Guang Sheng as the innovative and quality interlinings and non-woven supplier to the garment industry with good quality and reputation from our customers.
        The company has an area of 15 acres. There are 6,000 square meters working shops and the total investment is about 20 millions RMB.

        We have our own thermobond non-woven machines for making the basewebs and thermobonded non-woven can be produced with the specified non-wovens for tea bag paper, heat sealable packing paper, filter media, cable wrapping tapes, electrical insulation mat, wet tissue and battery separator : "ePORE". 

        Fibers used: Polyester; Nylon; Polypropylene; Viscose and Polyethylene. 

        Weight range of Non-woven baseweb: 15gsm  to 150gsm.       Maximum Roll width: 200 cm.

        We have our in house coating technology such as: paste-dots, double-dots, powder-dots and scattering coating . In order to support our value-added services, we got perforating machine,slitting machine and laminating machine.
        Nowaday, we have big range of products and tailor-made products to meet the special needs of our customers.  Front fusibles for suits and jackets, fashionable ladies dress, sport wears fusible intetlinings. Washable such as enzyme wash and garment wash, dry cleanable of our interlinings which developed by different forms of basecloth : such as wovens, knits and nonwovens for garments, embroideries, handbags and shoes.

        T-dots: Hot Melt Adhesive dots: Transferable adhesive dots coated on the siliconised paper or film  for the sewfree garments and leather products.
        Embroidery backing materials: hot and cold water soluble film and nonwovens, tearaway nonwovens and miracle film, all serve our embroideries customers.

        Bonlace: shirt collar fusible interlinings is made with strong spunlace non-woven and good for washing to meet men's shirt requirements.

        With our company motto : Honesty,  Know-how and  Just-in-time to serve our customers as our partners. We will listen to customer's needs, and do our best to meet the demand with the professional support of our management team.